BONUS: Brandon Francis on Corn, Culture & Cosmology

In this month's Seed Story, we share one of the newest modules from our Grain School 101 online course where Brandon Francis connects us to corn through his culture and the cosmos. Grain School 101 is a deep dive into why it is important that we re-learn how to grow diverse ancient and heritage grains, why we must continue to share seeds with others, and how to develop community-based food economies.

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More about Brandon:

Brandon Francis connects us to corn through stories and traditions practiced by his ancestors for thousands of years, offering a researcher's perspective of why these practices have continued into modern times. Brandon Francis is a plant researcher whose family has stewarded corn in the Black Mesa, NM area for several generations. Brandon began his work with sustainable food systems at the Old Fort Lewis in Hesperus, CO where he completed an internship and apprenticeship in sustainable agriculture methods. He has also been working as a Research Laboratory Technician for NMSU Agricultural Science Center in Farmington, NM. As part of his research, he has been conducting high-elevation, Three Sisters experiments with seed varieties endemic to the Southwest, while deepening his connection to his Diné heritage through agriculture.