Narrative of Change

Our organization was called upon to advance in ways that aligned with movements of justice and equity. since the beginning of 2022 we have intentionally restructured our staff, board, and organizational framework to be representative of the communities we serve. 

To actualize our commitments to transparency and accountability we've contextualized our story and process in the following writings:


2022 was a year of incredible transformation. The composting of old materials has taken place, we’ve amended our soil with diversity, and the seed of our new organization has been planted. Our collective efforts manifest as rain and warmth nurturing the seed that is ready to take root. The guiding words of our Paradigm Shift are “to become as a seed becomes”, and in this moment we are at the cusp of germination. We are prepared to continue growing, evolving, and becoming with the direction of our elders, collaborators, and local communities.

The year end invites us to reflect on the magnitude of the present. Within the present moment we hold energy from all years past, and the potential for all of what is yet to come. We acknowledge the seed as a perfect representation of the present moment. At this moment, we as an organization are taking a moment of brief pause to again turn inward, rest, and reflect, so that we can welcome the new year with fresh eyes, open hearts, and clear minds.We have gratitude for the founders of our organization, donors and funders, and the dedicated network of seed stewards, seed teachers, and program participants who have continued to support us. We look forward to the relationships and opportunities that have yet to emerge from the soil.


  • Organized 3 in-person seed saving events
    • 55 participants
    • 4 guest teachers
      • Karyn Denny, Brandon Francis, Darrel Yazzie Jr., and Gretchen Groenke
  • Held 8 Seed Stories
    • 64 participants
    • 2 international guest speakers
  • Organized a Seed Library Webinar
    • 48 participants
    • Collaboration with Western Library System, Justine Hernandez with Pima County Public Library, and Pauline Borrego with UMass Mass Aggie Seed Library
  • Organized 2 Listening Sessions
    • Heal Food Alliance
    • Rowen White
  • 100 enrollments in Seed School 101
  • 21 enrollments in Grain School 101


All year we have been tending to the soil of this organization, reflecting on the rhythms of organizational life cycles, and cross-pollinating the possibilities with new board, staff, and partnerships. As we move into the season of rest, we have filled our baskets with seeds and storage crops that will nourish us for the cold months ahead.

Just like when we experience the magic of a new plant variety emerging from the soils of our farms and gardens, we are excited to share what has seeded as a result of these efforts. Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is pleased to announce a new name, mission, and vision as the fruits of our intentional labor.


We envision a healthy world rooted in community care for life, land, water, people and SEEDS.

We are dedicated to supporting current and aspiring seed keepers and food growers in their commitments to nourish healthy communities, to care for land and water, and to grow seed diversity. We will provide accessible and relevant educational, financial, and material resources, cultivate reciprocal relationships, and advocate for seed and food justice.

 True to the foundation of this organization, seeds will remain the heart of what we do. And, we know that in order to care for the seeds, we must care for the land, the water, and the people too. This holistic perspective will guide us into the future.


As seed keepers, we witness the incredible results of cross pollination often. Sometimes, we intentionally co-create in these processes yielding more biodiverse, climate adapted, and culturally relevant crops. Sometimes they happen by surprise, sharing endless possibilities we never would have imagined. Organizations are no different.

Over the past several months, we’ve been sharing the story of the changes happening here at RMSA. Since January, we have an almost entirely new board and staff. As we share our wisdom, perspectives, skills, strengths, and struggles with one another, we are intentionally cross-pollinating this organization we have chosen to steward.

While from the outside it may seem quiet, trust that we are very busy on the inside, just as the plants are when they move from flower to fruit to seed. In time with the seasons, we are looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with you! In the coming months, you can expect to see big things from us. We will be releasing a new name and mission and vision statements along with refined areas of focus. We believe the results of this cross-pollination will be a stronger and healthier organization that can deeply serve the needs of seed keepers and food growers.

Seeds remain the heart of what we do! We would love to hear more from YOU to help us sculpt these changes. Please fill out our Community Survey!

JUNE 2022

Organizations are ecosystems. All too often, they are regarded as lifeless, a simple set of mechanisms that produce predictable outcomes. But like all living systems, organizations have natural rhythms and life cycles. There are moments of magical germination when the right conditions exist: seeds swell and sprout, cotyledons rise through the surface of the soil, and visions unfold. They take root and grow, sometimes fruiting abundantly and dropping countless seeds. And like all things, they eventually need to rest. To return inward for moments of silence, nourishment, and reflection. Sometimes they die and integrate themselves into the soil nurturing whatever is to come, and sometimes they re-emerge after a dedicated slumber, ready for another season of growth and expansion.

Like all organizations, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance finds itself moving with the wheel of life. It had a vigorous start, and under the dedicated leadership of co-founders Bill McDorman, Belle Starr, and John Caccia, 1000s of seed savers were educated, inspired, and supported. Programming and advocacy were delivered across the country and even internationally. With Lee-Ann Hill as Executive Director the growth continued, and the Heritage Grains Trials Program saw huge success, engaging trialists from coast to coast to develop seed stock for grain varieties that were scarce. RMSA has played an important role in protecting seeds and seed biodiversity nationally and globally and has worked hard to maintain a strong foothold in the movement against seed patenting and in the fight against the genetic modification of organisms. The organization grew, flourished, seeded heavily, and offered its fruits to many in the first 7 years of its life.


Eventually, a moment of rest and reflection was required. Organizations are woven into our humanness and are reflections of the collective moments we find ourselves in. RMSA was being called upon both internally and externally to advance in ways that aligned strongly with the global movement for justice, in ways that dismantle systems of oppression, and the institutional and organizational behaviors that perpetuate them. Throughout 2020, with the direction of then Organizational Health and Justice Coordinator Joseluis Ortiz, RMSA began a process of training and development to create core organizational principles and values that aligned with diversity, equity, and inclusion. The resulting Organizational Health and Justice Statement and Guiding Principles articulated a foundation for RMSA to move unwaveringly in the direction set forth and catalyzed the engagement with a Paradigm Shift process to re-vision and re-imagine the organization. Even without fully knowing how those commitments might come to life, the seeds were sown into the fertile and receptive soil of the organization.

As 2022 unfolds, we find ourselves re-emerging as an organization for another season of life, as gardens and fields flourish throughout the Rocky Mountains. This trajectory, which is in line with the realities of organizational life cycles, and reflective of the collective calls for justice and equity within the nonprofit sector, has led us to become an almost entirely new organization. Since the beginning of the year we have expanded and diversified our board and staff. We are led by Women and People and Color and are motivated by a shared purpose, passion, and belief in the possibility of returning balance to all of our ecosystems. We share an understanding that we are at a critical moment in history to become fully cognizant of the systems we find ourselves in, and to act unwaveringly to counter oppressive and destructive realities to build new futures based on equity, balance, and truth.

As always within RMSA’s organizational ecosystem, the seeds lead the way. They show us, without a doubt, the importance of biodiversity, of mycelial networks to distribute resources, of the importance of remembering where we come from, whose land we stand on, what it takes to germinate, and what it means to know that we are never in total control but part of a much greater whole with a lifeforce all it’s own. With this re-emergence, we rise to face the challenges and beauty of growth daily. There is much work to do, and we are confident in the soil that has been prepared for this garden to flourish. We look forward to sharing more with you along this journey.

We give thanks to all those who have come before us, preparing this garden for our labor, and we work in honor of those who will come after us. We pray they will inherit a thriving and just reality. May the soil be rich and the seeds be abundant.