We are committed to offering seed education openly, equitably, and without barriers. as seed savers, we inherit a responsibility to care for seeds and share knowledge. We believe education is fundamental to the seed movement, is essential to the health and preservation of cultural identity, and is a key element in climate change preparedness.

Milling and Baking Bonanza

Seeds in Common presents the Milling & Baking Bonanza

Welcome to an instructional, inspiring, and delicious education program exploring the nutritional qualities and culinary experiences of ancient and heritage grains.

As we learn how to create and sustain regional grain economies, this workshop encourages you to go deeper by exploring the many ways you can prepare and enjoy ancient & heritage grains at home! Seeds in Common (formerly Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance) collaborated with researchers, millers, bakers, business owners, and grain enthusiasts to create this webinar! We hope you enjoy these informative and tasty discussions!

access the milling & baking bonanza

Topics List

  • Milling Demonstration

  • Nutritional & Environmental Benefits of Whole Grains

  • Tour of Barrio Breads (an award-winning, ARTisanal, heritage grain bakery)

  • 8-Minute Heritage Grain Pizza Demonstration

  • Whole Wheat Pie Crust Demonstration

  • Sourdough Bread Demonstration

  • Growing and Consuming Amaranth

  • Traditional Tortilla Demonstration


Paul Lebeau from Mockmill gives an awe-inspiring Milling demo…do not be surprised when you realize you need a Mockmill in your life!

Monica Spiller from Whole Grain Connection gives an impassioned talk on the Nutritional and Environmental Benefits of Whole Grains.

James Beard nominee, Don Guerra, of Barrio Bread will take us on a tour of his successful Artisanal Bread Bakery.

During our virtual break, Bill McDorman from Cornville Seeds shows how to make an 8-minute Pizza using freshly milled grains.

Ever baked a pie with whole grains? With Wendy Achatz from Achatz Handmade Pie Co. guiding you, prepare for a treat with her Whole Wheat Pie Crust demo.

Grainiac Steve Alston will explain and show his methodical process for the ultimate Sourdough Bread Baking experience.

Beata Tsosie-Pena of Breath of My Heart Birthplace (formerly from Tewa Women United) will share the importance of growing and consuming Amaranth in the southwest.

The Bonanza concludes with Julian Vasquez and Josselin Chun from The Garden’s Edge for a truly special Traditional Tortilla Demonstration.

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