Guiding Principles 

Our organization was called upon both internally and externally to advance in alignment with global calls for justice, in ways that dismantle systems of oppression and the institutional and organizational behaviors that perpetuate them. 

We are listening and continuing to engage in an intensive process to address these calls for justice and advance our organization in a good way.

To learn more about our process, contact healthandjustice(@)seedsincommon.org.


Seeds in Common supports and celebrates the individuals, communities, land-based peoples, organizations, and enterprises that foster, care for, and promote biodiversity and seed diversity. Human beings and all life communities - being but a fraction of the greater whole - flourish when diversity is present. We are stronger and more resilient together. Seed diversity is dependent on a strong network of land-based communities, grassroots seed savers, gardeners, farmers, and ethical seed organizations who strive to steward land in ways which safeguard biodiversity.

Seed Saving Education

Seeds in Common is committed to offering access to seed education openly, equitably, and without barriers. As seed savers, we inherit a responsibility to care for seeds and pass on seed education so others know how to save seeds for future generations. We know seed diversity is increased when more gardeners and farmers save seeds. We strongly believe seed education is fundamental to the seed movement, is essential to the health and preservation of cultural identity, and is a key element in climate change preparedness.


Seeds in Common is creating an inclusive space for individuals, organizations, institutions, and communities who share and participate in the work of seed preservation and stewardship. We won’t make decisions that affect individuals, organizations, and communities without their direct involvement in the decision-making process. We pledge to listen to those who have been unheard or silenced. Inclusivity, not tokenism, is achieved with diversity in planning, in staffing, and among our collaborations. True inclusion is a critical part of our work, not a goal to achieve. We are committed to discussion, hard work, patience, and advance planning required to create true diversity, equity, and inclusion within Seeds in Common.

Grassroots Engagement

Seeds in Common works in a grassroots capacity to cultivate seed diversity and seed sovereignty. We support communities to preserve their own seed diversity and engage through an inclusive and equitable process based on authentic reciprocal relationships. 

Seed Justice

Seeds in Common believes all people should have fair and equitable access to local seeds, healthy food, financial support and knowledge to grow food and save seeds- and the universal access to clean land, water, and air. No one should suffer from hunger, food insecurity, malnutrition, or a lack of vital resources. Seeds are gifts from nature, caretaken with great attention by the ancestors for thousands of years.. Seeds should not be owned or patented, but freely planted and shared as a common resource and a fundamental birthright.

Honoring Origins

Seeds in Common honors the origins and stories of seeds and believes they need to be preserved. Stories have spirit, language, history, and lessons. Seed stories heal us and teach us how to care for seeds, one another, and the natural world. We recognize the unique, cultural knowledge safeguarded by the peoples and communities which care for and preserve seed heritage. We vow to respect cultural knowledge and and those who keep cultural knowledge. When cultural knowledge is threatened, we will act in solidarity for seeds and in honor of their origins.


Seeds in Common considers all aspects of our work a privilege and sacred responsibility. A healthy, just, and inclusive organization requires accountability for our speech and actions. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of conduct per our principles and values. We will admit when we are at fault and make changes to address and correct our errors. We embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and the rights of nature alongside our partners and collaborators. Always, we welcome feedback that will elevate our organizational levels of accountability.


Seeds in Common finds ourselves in a period of mental and spiritual transformation. Our hearts are open with reverence and curiosity to the unknown and we are committed to growing, learning, and evolving with humility. This is necessary for the cultural and spiritual transformation we need to save seeds and seed stories. When individuals and communities share information, feedback, and advice, we will listen and consider their approach to guide us moving forward. We acknowledge we have work to do and are inspired to become as a seed becomes: open and ready for a new way of living, growing, and being.

Acknowledging Truths

Seeds in Common acknowledges the history of the land and is designing our organization to be responsive to calls for justice and reconciliation. We honor and revere the indigenous peoples for their stewardship of land and seeds before first contact and after and for their ongoing preservation of biodiversity. We acknowledge the African diaspora and other non-native communities for the diversity present in our food system. We acknowledge the complexity we inherit and responsibility to reconcile harms (past, present, and ongoing) as a result of colonization.

Please view our Non-Discrimination Policy