We are committed to offering seed education openly, equitably, and without barriers. As seed savers, we inherit a responsibility to care for seeds and share knowledge. We believe education is fundamental to the seed movement, is essential to the health and preservation of cultural identity, and is a key element in climate change preparedness.

Online Courses

Seed School 101

This course reawakens the human tradition of a nearly forgotten art: seed saving. 

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Grain School 101

Join the revival of growing heritage grains and responding to industrial agriculture.

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Milling & Baking Grains

Exploring the nutritional qualities and culinary techniques for ancient heritage grains.

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More Resources

Seed Germination Guide

Knowing if your seeds are viable will save you a lot of time - follow the steps and germinate like a pro.

Heritage Grain Trials

Our research on over 250 heritage grain varieties grown in diverse locations including citizen science.


We believe seed saving knowledge should be known to all and are committed to accessible education. 

Previous Ed Events

Some of the events and communities we had the pleasure to work with - more in 2024.