Grain School 101

Growing grains has been an integral component in many cultures for several centuries, becoming a significant step in changing our relationship to food. Yet what has emerged as the modern industrial food system has greatly damaged our planet, our health, and reduced our access to diverse (and delicious) heritage grains. We have the ability to counteract these dire actions by re-learning how to grow our own grains, sharing seeds with others, and developing community-based food economies.

By taking this course, you will:

  • Understand the significance of regionally adapted heritage and ancient grains

  • Challenge your perspective of the current industrial food paradigm 

  • Feel your passion ignited to reconnect with your food source

Comprised of nine modules, we welcome facilitators from across the country with expertise in different facets of working with heritage grains. Bill McDorman, Glenn RobertsDiego Madueño, Evan Sofro, Eli Rogosa, Sylvia Davatz, Brandon Francis, Emily Lockard, Dr. Richard Pratt, Lee-Ann Hill, Rio Grande Grain, Dr. Lee DeHaan, Michelle Ajamian, Dana Whitcomb, Chris Sullivan, and Ron Boyd lend their insight and passion for bringing heritage grains into our lives and on to our plates.


$40.00 USD

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