Jeff Wagner & Groundwork

On June 15, 2023, we spoke with an amazing organization and incredible human, GROUNDWORK and Jeff Wagner. A little about Jeff: After a university education didn’t provide sufficient answers to some big questions, Jeff began seeking answers to these question: how we might reimagine U.S. society in the age of climate change?, and What does it mean to be a responsible human in an unraveling world? For over a decade, Jeff found these answers outside of academia: living at wolf sanctuary in the Colorado mountains, leading National Outdoor Leadership School expeditions across North America, and facilitating cross-cultural semesters in the Andes, the Amazon, the Himalaya, and the great Mekong River Basin. Jeff’s biggest focus has been teaching to the cultural roots of environmental issues, and helping students both experience and examine different ways of life that can be applied as cultural activism at home in North America. What drives him? To act in ways that help him become ancestors that their descendants will be proud to tell stories about.  More about Groundwork: www.layinggroundwork.org/about Support their work: Donate: www.layinggroundwork.org/donate

Links to learn more about Groundwork:


Intro to Groundwork video: https://vimeo.com/799538620 

Donate: https://www.layinggroundwork.org/donate/

Where There Be Dragons: https://www.wheretherebedragons.com/staff/jeff-wagner/ 

Bite-Sized Books: https://www.layinggroundwork.org/bite-sized-books/