Nika Forté-Sesay

Nika Forté-Sesay has her hands in several impactful projects throughout Phoenix, AZ. As the Director of the Urban Farm program at St. Vincent DePaul, she serves thousands of people a year with access to healthy, locally grown food. On her own time, Nika teaches people how to grow their own crops in food-insecure, urban environments through ABC Mobile Education where she educates on the fundamentals of Agriculture, Beekeeping, and Composting. Her latest efforts have been to develop a sisterhood of beekeepers, and BaeHive unites women of color in the Valley to raise their vibrations and connection to the community through teaching how to support the bees. Her mission in life is to advocate for communities that are experiencing food insecurity and to work everyday to educate others on how to grow food and give back to the environment in a sustainable and compassionate way. And she does just that!

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