Grow Local Colorado

GLC was established as a response to climate change and economic equity. The mountain of issues that are their realities are quite sobering and may seem insurmountable. How will they address this? By stepping into a garden. There is hope if we all can become more aware and act in our own ways. GLC sees the benefits of a local food supply now more than ever, due to Covid and intermittently disrupted supply chains. GLC sees the benefits of locally harvested produce picked at its height of nutrition and not traveling thousands of miles using fossil fuels, losing its flavor and health. There is a benefit in repurposing available green spaces to create food gardens. They feel it's their responsibility to share abundant harvests with those that need it most. So instead of being overwhelmed, GLC steps into the garden as a place to act. GLC is reminded that people cannot rise to the myriad of challenges alone, and it's only through collective efforts that we all can progress and move forward. "We tend to grow" is something GLC says often, and it means that the way we grow and the way that we eat is so very important to our overall health. GLC focuses on building local community, local food, and local economy and they are making a substantial impact already.